Looking for an emotional night in?

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Re: Looking for an emotional night in?

Post  WindDrake on Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:56 pm

Mozillo wrote:
You're the level headed one, etc etc...
Besides, we all know Girls aren't funny. OH HO HO

Yeah this makes a lot of sense. The problem with girls is that they just arent laugh out loud funny. Sure they can be witty and get a few good laughs but just think about any top class comedian thats a woman, it's near impossible isn't it? Also you cant really call Jo brand very feminine she's pretty manly and she does do a lot of male centred humour. Its kind of weird like that. There are of course guys who arent funny, like me, but girls are rarely if ever good comedians. Girls can do the whole silly and ditsy kind of funny but it's usually just cheap laughs at them instead of seriously funny. Its hard to explain but it is a sad fact of life.

It's probably an evolutionary thing tbh. I mean if girls could make each other laugh as well as us guys can they wouldnt need us for much 'cept opening the odd jar of pickles and making a mess =/

Also beth you need to try to be less serious all the time, learn to take a joke now and then. Just chillax.

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Re: Looking for an emotional night in?

Post  Mozillo on Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:50 pm


Well, the males need to be smart, witty, funny, muscular, etc, in order to attract a mate, if we do this a basic animal thing, so I guess the man brain has adapted to do that sort of thing more so than women who just have to sit there and look pretty... and get mated. *Bow chikca wow wow*. So with the manly men it's who ever is strongest, smartest and funniest gets to mate with the female with the good genes to help forward the human race as a whole! NATURAL SELECTION!
So yeah, besides... if a woman has time to be making jokes, she can spend it in the kitchen.
GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN, Make kev a sandwich and get it to him without it going off! AH AH AH!
so yeah, maybe it's an evolutionary thing to do with Courtship 'n' mating "dances" and that whole jazz...


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