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Post  Mozillo on Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:00 pm

Hey guys! I think we all know that Okami has pretty much died out by now (with VERY little activity in about a year and a half now) So I gots to thinking a few things:
1) After about 5 years of playing Maplestory.... I've finally gotten a character to 4th job! Yes! You read correctly! Over the span of a week I got my Aran, SirGrantz, from about level 101 to roughly 120.... then the weekend after I got him to 150. Then leveling got boring and I stopped playing xD I guess I was only doing it over xmas because they had 2x exp events and stuff as well as just a means for me to avoid revising for my Uni exams (which went well). I've also found out the new way in which skill books are done, and it's VERY lame. Basically my Aran only has the skills it started with at 4th job only at level 10 and about 50 or so skill points just free and unused due to the skill books being near impossible to get (what with it just being a "skill book" drop that then gives you a random skill book of any description so if you want to buy the level 20 one, be prepared to fork out like... a large sum). At least my aran has a fairly decent Polearm as well (timeless) that I found and scrolled myself (it was a monster drop from way back when) as well as some other rather amazing gear like a decent pendant and stuff... but I can't remember... that's enough of me boasting xD
2) Seeing as the guild is dead in terms of Steam we should add each other on steam or something, I mean, we're already down on facebook but we're gamers... so we should add each other on Steam so then we can at least still game with each other if we're playing something like TF2 or something, or even just for a bit more competition in high-scores etc.... who knows, I'm Mozillo on steam, my picture is Roxas from Kingdom Hearts... if you're interested.
3) I basically will rarely ever have the time to play Maplestory. I had a bit over xmas, but as stated early, I shouldn't have even been on then anyway.... Now that I'm at University I'm either out or working, and it's normally the latter and I just never have enough time to spend a good 3 hours (which is really the amount you need for a decent sitting). Uni is just never ending 16 hours of lectures a week so about 16 hours or more hours of work outside back in halls :S Very stressful....

So yeah, how about that Minecraft right? xD I dunno, I realised I haven't posted on here either for a while but then it sort of died when it was just me and Beth on here for a while (and then even just me :S) but it was a fun 3 years when the guild was an active community! Very Happy

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Post  Tucker7001 on Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:27 pm

Glad to see someone else actually looking on the forums Razz
But an Okami Steam group wouldn't be that bad of an idea.

Edit : So should a Steam Group be made for the guild I never see anymore? Razz If already made contact me on Steam, name is Zyrotic
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Post  Whillikers on Thu Mar 08, 2012 12:59 am

Seems like a decent idea. I'd be up for it!

I'll add ya'll, though this laptop can't really handle much good games, so let's all play 8-bit multiplayer games yeah?!

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